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Deploying climate-neutral cities by accelerating entrepreneurship

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Cities are responsible for around 70% of the CO2 emissions. Therefore, cities have a significant role on the road to a climate-neutralsociety. However, cities and city administrators cannot do it alone. Cities have direct jurisdiction over a limited part of the assets in a city. There is an obvious need for collaboration between cities and industry, financial institutions, academia, and citizens to reach the goals.

Like the village needed to raise a child, we need each other to bring about climate-neutral cities. And like growing up, solutions for climate-neutral cities need the opportunity to learn, (inter)act, fail, learn and grow quickly. There is huge market potential, and yet the city market is not an easy one. If te market does not mature, climate-neutrality goals are becoming further out of reach.
The Netherlands Enterprise Agency believes that international collaboration provides an important pathway maturing the emerging climate-neutral city market and building inclusive and future-proof cities. Cleantech Scandinavia strives to generate an adequate environment for international connection between all actors involved in innovation towards the climate transition. Therefore, we aim to collaborate further during the preparation of H22 City Expo in June 2022 in Helsingborg (Sweden) to strengthen these connections and provide tangible progress on deployment.

Who are we looking for?

  • Startups & SMEs with solutions with high positive climate impact can pitch during City Climate Impact Day. For these companies, our partner Cleantech Scandinavia is offering complimentary Avoided Emissions Training to all registered pitching companies. With this knowledge, you will be able to calculate your technology’s emissions reduction potential and present that to potential clients and investors.
  • Within cities, we are looking for two types of decision-makers and policy-makers:
    • Enablers that work on climate neutrality directly (environmental/sustainability/climate strategists, transportation, city planners);
    • Finance directors who can create climate investment plans and meet private financial institutions who can fill the well-known climate finance gap.
  • Investors: We aim to form an expert group with mainly financial actors (pension funds, banks, insurance etcetera) who will be provided with a selection of high-impact cases and add their expertise in financial tools, leverage and business models. The sourcing of cases will be done by a combination of nominations from partners and a broad search among European pilot and development projects within, for example, the Horizon 2020 program.


15 June

  • Scaling up the Pilots – Business Models and Financial Solutions
    The purpose of this pre-event is to bring together a selected group of cities, financial institutions, innovators and others specially invited. Their meeting will focus on a selection of cases with high positive climate impact that have been successful but have not been scaled to their full potential. The goal is to create road maps to scale the solutions and to create connections between the actors that can bring the road maps to life.
  • Masterclass for Cities: How to Make Climate Investment Plans
    ClimateView, Material Economics, Viable Cities, Bable Smart Cities, and Cleantech Scandinavia developed this pre-event for cities. Preliminary programme:
    • Introduction to city climate-neutral investment plans (by Viable Cities, EU Mission Board for Climate-Neutral Cities, Material Economics).
    • Practical examples of inspiring investment setups (presentations by Bable and Cleantech Scandinavia; Cases present: Barcelona and Leipzig).
    • How to get started and to work continuously – a practical approach (by ClimateView, Material Economics, and Viable Cities).
    • A boat dinner with international financial actors.

16 June - City Climate Impact Day

Many innovations with proven high positive climate impact have been developed over the years. Many of them have even been tested, often with great results, in real life conditions in an array of test- and pilot projects in cities. The core issue becomes – how can these innovations be scaled up to their fullest extent to reach the totalclimate impact potential?
This event will provide a platform for improved collaboration between essentiale stakeholders on the road to the climate-neutral city - city administrators, financial institutions, industry players, and innovators. The full-day event will include:

  • Fireside chat with the EU Mission Board for Climate-Neutral & Smart Cities and Viable Cities
  • Panel discussion: reimagining the role of financial institutions on the road to climate-neutral cities, including perspectives from pension funds, banks, insurance, and infrastructure investors
  • Showcase international high-impact innovative technologies in the areas of built environment and transport
  • A panel of VCs, industry and cities will comment and ask questions after each pitch
  • Plenty of breaks for networking and 1:1 meetings!

How to sign up

Are your interested in this event? Please sign up online. Participation in the events on 15 and 16 June is free of charge.

More information?

Do you have any questions about the event? Please contact Jacobine de Zwaan or Laura Platenkamp at

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