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report: Digital Cybersecurity innovation mission Taiwan – looking back and to the future

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Taiwan has been a market of interest for the Dutch cybersecurity sector over the past years. The Taiwanese economy is characterised by a high degree of specialisation in component manufacturing, especially of technological devices. As hardware becomes smarter, the need for security is heightened. This, in combination with the increasing number of cyber-attacks, has triggered the Taiwanese government to actively support and reinforce the cybersecurity eco-system, both through regulatory reforms and economic incentives.

In order to meet this demand, The Netherlands Office in Taipei joined forces with the Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Hague Security Delta and InnovationQuarter in the Netherlands. Together these parties created an online partner match-making program and a ‘call for solutions’ for Dutch cybersecurity companies. 

The cybersecurity sector in the Netherlands and Taiwan each have their own strengths and by combining those strengths and creating software and hardware integrations, there is an opportunity to create synergy and a ‘total solutions’ product. 

The Mission

The online innovation mission, which took place over the summer of 2020, consisted of a webinar series providing market information, facilitating match-making sessions and a ‘Call for Solutions’. During the partner match-making sessions the Dutch companies were matched with Taiwanese companies that had expressed an interest in Dutch cyber technology. Afterwards, during the Call for Solutions, companies from both the Netherlands and Taiwan presented their solutions to corporates that needed solutions, creating possible new partnerships. 

Marco Meyers (X-Systems) and Yuliya Pliavaka (Secura) experienced the partner match-making as positive. The match-making sessions with Taiwanese companies that had expressed a clear interest in Dutch cyber technology, was particularly valuable. This removed the initial hurdle of acquiring new contacts in a new market and highlighted the benefit of being introduced to ‘warm’ contacts.

Looking forward 

Both the participants and organizers see an added value in pursuing online missions. One major advantage is that time usually spent on arranging a physical meeting is now saved, allowing for heightened attention to organizing and facilitating the right discussions and communication between participants. This way, more time is spent on the actual content of the dialogues as opposed to less essential elements. 

A clear result of this process is a mutual interest of the Taiwanese and Dutch cybersecurity companies to collaborate. This digital mission provided a fresh perspective on international cooperation in times where travelling is not possible. It allowed for over 30 meetings to take place online and around 40 proposals written without anyone having stepped foot in an airplane. However, this experience also showed that meeting in person remains a necessary component for business deals to be closed. Until travelling abroad is possible again, the organisational partners will continue to expand digital opportunities to make use of the momentum that is happening in the cybersecurity space at the moment. 

More information

If you are interested in joining this program or to be updated on future events (also in other countries), please read the full report at the InnovationQuarter website.

Or get in touch with Tong Jiang (, or Isabel Barnhoorn (

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