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Clipper Stad Amsterdam bij San Francisco

The Clipper ‘Stad Amsterdam’ visit to Baltimore on 29 March revolves around the theme of 'flood resiliency'.

Rotterdam and Baltimore have a sister city relationship since 1985. Both cities have many similarities, like their proximity to the coast, a large port and the need to make the city climate-proof.
Rotterdam partners , the city of Rotterdam, and the Embassy in Washington have taken the initiative to organize an event on Flood Resilience in Baltimore.

The City of Rotterdam has built up a solid reputation in the field of Resilience in recent years. As a member of the 100Resilience Cities network, resilience is an integral part of all future developments in Rotterdam. The accumulated knowledge, both public and private, is used to help many cities around the world. B

The State of Maryland and its region, including the city of Baltimore, have been dealing with violent storms and hurricanes over the last decades. The region is putting strong efforts in making itself climate proof, and exploring the opportunities for public and private (technical) solutions.

During this session at ‘Stad Amsterdam’, the cities of Rotterdam and Baltimore and the State of Maryland will exchange best practices and challenges with regards to the role of flood resilience in facing the need to adapt their cities to climate change and in particular focus on how technology can contribute to making cities more resilient.
Participating companies get the chance to explore how their technology can serve as a solution for these cities’ challenges. The mission moreover offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to build a network in the field of resiliency.


Registration for Baltimore is no longer possible.

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Please contact Sam Stevens for more information: s.stevens@rotterdampartners.nl

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