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Horizon Europe training courses: impact (26 October)

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Join our online workshops on Horizon Europe. These workshops will guide you through the Horizon Europe programme. The impact training course focuses on the importance of impact in project proposals under pillar 2 of (Global Challenges).

After this training course, you will know how to design a project proposal from an impact point of view. You will also know how to involve the right stakeholders at the right time for the right activities.

For whom?

The impact training course is meant for those who have little experience with previous European Framework Programmes. You want to coordinate a consortium or join one where you have a role in the project design.

You work at a Dutch university, knowledge institute, innovative company or other organisation, such as a governmental or non-profit organisation.

Learning goal

As a result of this training course:

  • You are aware of the importance of the European context and policy background of the programme. You know how to use it to improve your proposal;
  • You have hands-on experience in designing your project proposal from an impact point of view;
  • You know how to involve stakeholders in your project proposal.


You can register via our online registration form. Please answer all questions in the registration form to be eligible to participate in this free training course.

One week before the training course, you will receive a final confirmation with the link to the webinar.

Horizon Europe training courses

With our Horizon Europe training courses you will learn how to develop and submit promising project proposals.

The workshops are for people with various levels of experience, from those new to European framework programmes to experienced project managers. Your level of experience and the phase your project or idea is in, determine the workshop you will benefit the most from.

We offer the following courses:

  • Horizon Europe: basics (18 November): an introduction to Horizon Europe for those exploring opportunities.
  • Horizon Europe: how to prepare? (14 October, 25 November): for those who want to coordinate or join a consortium. Learn what it takes to develop a proposal.
  • Horizon Europe: impact (13 and 26 October, 16 November): for project coordinators or partners involved in project design. Find out how to set up a project proposal from an impact point of view.


If you have any questions about this training course, please contact teamiris@rvo.nl.

If you are unable to attend the training course, please let us know as soon as possible via teamiris@rvo.nl. Your place will be available for the first person on the reserve list.