Make impact with SBIR - the networking event for contractors in SBIR developing markets |

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Make impact with SBIR - the networking event for contractors in SBIR developing markets

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Are you a contractor of SBIR in developing markets? On Friday 2 September 2022 we organise an event for all contractors of SBIR in developing markets. 


With this meeting we aim for an opportunity for contractors of SBIR in developing markets to meet each other and share knowledge and experiences, in order to make more impact with their project in developing countries.

For whom?

This meeting is for all contractors who have or had a contract for phase 1 and/or 2 of one of the following SBIR competitions:

  • Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Circular Innovations in fast-growing cities
  • Solutions for health, data and financial support in times of COVID-19
  • Digital solutions to improve access to healthcare and education services for remote groups in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Design and innovate with locally available materials for economic and environmental impact


  • At 12:30 CEST we start with an informal walk-in lunch where you can meet other SBIR contractors and country and SBIR experts from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.
  • After lunch we will have an interactive programme with the theme: making impact. We will focus on 'life after SBIR'. The final programme will follow this summer. 
  • We will end the meeting with a networking drink. 

We ask participants kindly to answer a few questions via our questionnaire, so we can make this meeting interesting and interactive. 


Please register by completing the online registration form before 12 August 2022.

Please note: depending on the total number of participants, we expect to have to set a limit on the number of participants per project that can participate in this meeting. We aim for 2 participants per project.

More information

Do you have any questions about this event? Then please contact SBIR advisor Carmen Biemond via

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