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Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference 2019

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Offshore windmills in a blue sea

In October 2019, there is a unique opportunity to learn more about the Dutch approach to offshore wind energy. Meet key players and government officials in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, during the Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference 2019 (OEEC 7–9 October 2019). For more than 12 years, the OEEC has been Europe’s leading gathering of the entire offshore energy industry (offshore wind, marine energy, oil and gas).

Dutch public and private parties team up to design, develop, build, and maintain high quality offshore wind farms in the North Sea. Together, we are proving that offshore wind is a powerful solution to achieve our climate goals cost effectively.

Our approach provides greater certainty for project developers, increases investor confidence, and drives down overall costs. It requires dedicated teamwork, collaboration, and innovation across the board to ensure every wind farm has a safe and sustainable future. We are keen to share our knowledge with others. Let’s work together to utilise the full potential of offshore wind energy and show the world that wind and water works.

International lounge

The Dutch government will be present in the International Lounge during the OEEC 2019. We welcome companies and their guests to visit us.


During the OEEC there will be matchmaking opportunities between companies. On the 8 October matchmaking sessions between companies and the Dutch government officials are  possible. Please register on the event website in advance.

Offshore wind workshop

On 8 October 2019, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency will host a workshop on the Dutch Offshore Wind Farm Zones in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Rijkswaterstaat and TSO TenneT.

Registration for workshop

To attend the workshop you have to register twice - once for the workshop and once for the Offshore Energy 2019 event:

  1. Participation in this workshop is free of charge, but we kindly request you register in advance. Please register before 1 October 2019, by sending an email to Wind op Zee (WOZ) at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency via stating “participation workshop 8 October 2019”, your name, company and email address.
  2. Please note: To be able to enter the venue, all participants of the workshop also need to register for Offshore Energy 2019. The registration can be done via this registration tool. Registration for the Offshore Energy 2019 event is also free of charge.

Foreign government programme

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes foreign government officials from countries involved in offshore wind policy development. We are offering an interesting programme to provide an optimal insight into the Dutch offshore wind energy sector.

The programme includes:

  • Access to the Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference (7-9 October);
  • Matchmaking sessions with companies and Dutch government officials (8 October);
  • Exclusive participation in a high-level masterclass, see PDF flyer below - (9 October);
  • Site visits to offshore wind companies, sites, and ports (10 October);
  • Individual visits and meetings can be arranged on request.

Registration foreign government officials

Registration for the masterclass and/or the week programme for foreign government officials is on invite only. Please register for the masterclass before 30th of August. For more information or any questions please contact Mr. Edu Willemse, energy advisor at Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), via

The workshop and the masterclass take place during the Exhibition & Conference 'Offshore Energy 2019' in Convention Centre RAI in Amsterdam.