Seminar 'Market opportunities in the Ukrainian Waste Management Sector'

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General Outline

Waste management is a key environmental concern across Europe with many countries witnessing a significant increase of the amount of garbage produced. The situation in Ukraine has already proven to be critical in some cities and towns due to a lack of proper waste collection, sorting, and recycling facilities. Public demand calling for closure of landfills, fueled by a lack of public awareness and understanding of the importance of waste management, further complicate the already dire situation with the obsolete treatment infrastructure.

Ukraine and the Netherlands share a number of common interests for collaboration in the fields of environment and sustainable development. The intention to cooperate was formally expressed in the Letter of Intent, signed between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment of the kingdom of the Netherlands and the Ministry of ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine and the Ministry of Regional Development, Building and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine.

Waste management is one of the areas in which the Netherlands are being recognized as the world leader. Dutch businesses are keen to explore new markets, including Ukraine, but from time to time lack knowledge of the expected government policies and potential investments to access or expand the market.


The objectives of the seminar

  • to present the findings of the market study “Waste Management Sector of Ukraine”, executed by Bilfinger in April 2018;
  • to identify opportunities and niches for Dutch companies on the national and regional levels in the Ukrainian Waste Management Sector;
  • to provide information on the needed areas and sources of financing in order to reach the targets outlined in the National Waste Management Strategy for Ukraine till 2030.


(speakers to be confirmed)



Embassy Representative

General introduction regarding the economic situation in Ukraine, business climate, the meaning of the Association Agreement and the possible support of the Dutch Embassy to Dutch companies.


Presentation of the Market Study

Mrs. Oksana Cherinko, Bilfinger Ukraine, Head Consultancy Department

“Ukrainian Waste Management Sector, opportunities for Dutch companies”


Presentation of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Ukraine

Mr. Anatoliy Kutsevol/Mykola Kuzyo

  • National Waste Management Strategy
  • Success Stories from the Sector
  • Overview of IFI’s and International Organisations’ involvement in activities in the waste management sector of Ukraine

Presentation of EBRD activities in the Waste Management Sector in Ukraine

Mrs.Borisova, Associate Banker Municipal and Environmental Infrastructure EBRD

opportunities and challenges

Presentation Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water 
11.05–11.30Questions and discussionabout possible follow up
12.00–13.00Network lunch 


There is no registration fee applicable. You can register by sending an email to: before 6 June 2018.
Prior to the seminar on 13 June 2018, you will receive the market study “Waste Management Sector of Ukraine” in order to prepare.


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