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Webinar Electric vehicle charging infrastructure opportunities in France

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France wants to have 100,000 charging points by the end of 2021. To reach this goal, it needs to install many more charging points. There are many market opportunities in France for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

For smart charging, many steps still need to be taken in France. But with the number of Electric Vehicles (EVs) increasing, the demand for smart charging will also grow. The Netherlands’ knowledge and years of experience in this field have an important added value. Dutch consultancy groups are global thought leaders in EV. This also has added value for French parties.

Smart and sustainable mobility

The Partners for International Business Programme (PIB) helped:

  • The Netherlands embassy in France;
  • RAI Automotive NL; and
  • DOET (Dutch Organisation for Electric Transport);

form a public-private partnership. The partnership focuses on smart and sustainable mobility in France. The organisations wanted to learn more about the French EV market, and the opportunities it offers for Dutch companies and knowledge institutes. So, they commissioned The New Drive (Belgium) to create an opportunity report.

Opportunity report

The report looks at the opportunities for Dutch companies and knowledge institutes in:

  • Charging infrastructure;
  • Smart charging; and
  • Consultancy.

We will present the report online on Tuesday, 9 February 2021 from 14:30 to 16:00 CET.


  • Welcome: Bram Hendrix | RAI Automotive Industrie NL
  • Introduction: Joannette Polo | Embassy of the Netherlands in France
  • Report presentation: Christophe Somerhausen | The New Drive
  • Doing business in France: Guillaume Vanstraelen | Jedlix=
  • Q&A


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