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Webinar: Netherlands - Taiwan Semiconductor Dialogue Advanced Packaging

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Taiwan is a major and still growing player in the global market of semiconductor manufacturing. For the upcoming years, they shall focus on stimulating sustainability among the semiconductor supply chain. We are sure Dutch enterpreneurs can benefit from this opportunity.

Therefore Holland Semiconductor hosts the webinar Netherlands – Taiwan Semiconductor Dialogue | Advanced Packaging on 14 October 2021, in close partnership with the Netherlands Office in Taipei.

The theme for this webinar is advanced packaging. 4 specialists will share their thoughts on this topic. This webinar is part of a range of the Netherlands - Taiwan Semiconductor Dialogue webinars.


  • 9:30 CEST - Introduction by moderator Tom van der Dussen, Project Manager Holland Semiconductors
  • 9:35 CEST - Keynote by Dr. Vincent Lin, Advanced Package Director, ASE Group
  • 9:45 CEST - Keynote by Mr. Jeroen Duis, Chief Commercial Officer, Phix
  • 9:55 CEST - Keynote by Mr. Johan Hamelink, Vice-President Business Development, Boschman
  • 10:05 CEST - Keynote by Mr. Ludo Vandenberk, Executive Vice President, Trymax
  • 10:15 CEST - Panel discussion & Q&A
  • 10:30 CEST - End of the webinar


Please register via the registration form.

B2 Match Platform

The goal of this webinar is to introduce Dutch SME's to the Taiwanese semiconductor market and to strengthen the bonds between the members. To facilitate meetings between our countries we introduce you to the B2 Match Platform.

If you want to register on the B2 Match Platform and participate in the matchmaking event from 4 October until 30 December 2021 for 1-on-1 meetings with Dutch and Taiwanese companies, please register your company on the B2 Match Platform. After registering you will find a list of participating companies.

This service is offered free of charge by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

More information

Did you miss the Netherlands - Taiwan Semiconductor Dialogue kick-off? This webinar was recorded. Please contact Marleen Middelhuis from Holland Semiconductors (marleen.middelhuis@hightechnl.nl) to receive the link to the video.

Do you have any questions about this webinar? Then please contact: