Fishing port development offers better prospects to Senegalese fishermen

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Gepubliceerd op: 5 December 2018 | Gewijzigd op: 07 December 2018

Thanks to a lot of hard work and the joint financing of the Senegalese and Dutch government, an outdated fishing port in the Casamance area is upgraded to meet international standards. The project can provide a welcome boost to the fishing industry in this poor region. An ideal opportunity for local fishermen to improve their income.

It was a festive start last week. On 29 November 2018, the Senegalese Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy and the Dutch ambassador laid the first stone for the construction of a new fishing port. The port development is a way to provide the local population with better economic prospects. The governments of both countries have joined forces to finance this ORIO project.

Space for larger boats

The outdated fishing port is located on the river Casamance. Its development is part of a larger ORIO project to unlock the economic potential of the city of Ziguinchor. Good progress has already been made. The river has been dredged for example, resulting in much more passenger and freight traffic. Now that the fishing port is being tackled as well, the opportunities for local fishermen continue to grow.

With the construction of a new quay, large fishing boats can moor at the port more easily. Additionally, new facilities such as a cold store, hangar, porter's house and toilet block are also being built, altogether upgrading the fishing port to international standards. The port is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2019. When completed, it should be able to process at least 40 tons of fish per day under hygienic conditions. Altogether, the new port could significantly improve the fish yield for fishermen.

Strengthening the port area

The Facility for Infrastructure Development (ORIO) is a programme that stimulates the public infrastructure in developing countries. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( executes the programme on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This particular ORIO project in the city of Ziguinchor - which is in one of the poorer areas of Senegal - aims to strengthen the general port area economically. Specific developments such as renewal of the fishing port, but also support such as technical assistance for future projects, can positively contribute to more prosperity in the Casamance area.

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