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Fund against Child Labour re-opened

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Published on: 4 February 2019 | Changed on: 04 February 2019

Would you like to take active steps to tackle child labour within your production chain? Between 4 February and 2 December 2019, the Fund against Child Labour (FBK) will be open again. Collaborating companies, NGOs and local partners will be able to submit a project proposal for subsidy, knowledge exchange, advice and expert support.

For 2019, the ministry of Foreign Affairs has made € 5.5 million available to ban child labour in the production chains of Dutch companies. Worldwide, 152 million children work in fields, mines, quarries, sewing workshops or households. The Netherlands is helping to achieve the international UN goals, which state that in 2025 child labour must have been eliminated.

Investigating and tackling causes

FBK supports companies that want to carry out local investigations into the root causes of child labour in their production chain and to take local measures accordingly.

The fund also expects companies to take internal measures on their own initiative by reviewing their procurement procedures. Together with their (sub)suppliers, they can ensure that employees receive a fair living wage. A living wage indicates that an employee can provide for himself or herself and his or her family.

Inclusive collaboration

An important condition for receiving support from the fund is that companies from the same sector collaborate. Not just with each other, but also with other parties such as NGOs and local companies.

Additionally, FBK wants to gain more insight into, and gain knowledge about, the possible consequences of the measures being taken. By sharing and spreading this knowledge, companies can learn from each other. This is how FBK can break the taboo on child labour that still prevails.

Project ideas from the last tender

When the first tender was open in 2018, FBK received 19 project ideas (quick scans), of which 11 concerned production chains in Africa and 5 concerned production chains in Asia. The lion share of the ideas was aimed at the agricultural sector: 7 concerned the cocoa industry and 4 concerned the minerals sector.

More information

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency executes FBK on behalf of the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs. Read more about this facility and its conditions on our page about the Fund against Child Labour.