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Futureproof the world at CES 2020

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Published on: 18 December 2019 | Changed on: 08 January 2020

We're bringing 50 Dutch startups to one of the world's biggest technology conferences. Future-proof the world with us at Eureka Park, Holland Tech Square - booth #51726.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs commissions this mission. The delegation will be accompanied by State Secretary  for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy Mona Keijzer and Special Envoy of, His Royal Highness Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands. The mission is organised by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, and partners.

What is CES?

CES is the Consumer Electronics Show. Held in Las Vegas every January, this event brings together 182,000 visitors from all over the world. It makes CES the global platform of innovation to validate your product and attract interest from across the globe.

Why are we taking startups there?

CES offers a fantastic opportunity for Dutch companies to engage with an international audience of investors, potential partners and new customers. In previous years, startup companies involved with market-leading multinationals have seen new business generation. 95% of startups who participated would recommend it to others.
CES is the largest technology fair in the world. Every year, the latest technologies and next-generation innovations are shown to the market. More than ever, the focus this year is to present resilient technologies that will make the world future-proof. Plus, to offer solutions to social and global challenges in the areas of the energy transition, healthy living, health and sustainability, water and food, and smart cities.

Woman demonstrating VR glasses

Meet the Dutch startups

Meet the disrupters and stars of societal change. During CES we’re presenting the pioneers of the Dutch Startup Ecosystem in 5 clusters. The startups and gamechangers that challenge you to embrace the future.

Cluster The Future of Life Sciences

Breakthroughs happen when 3,000 life science technology companies, research organizations, startups and corporates work side by side! Connect with the prominent Dutch life sciences startups that are seeking to improve quality of life. Meet the startups.

Cluster The Future of Education and Enterprise

To keep the Netherlands future proof we’re creating the workforce of tomorrow. From teaching children to code, AI algorithms, productivity platforms and security; today’s innovations shape future generations of leaders and entrepreneurs. Meet the startups.

Cluster The Future of City Living and Circular Economy

With intelligent data and connected systems we can increase the pace of innovation and the agility of cities. Adapting to environmental and economic change; the city of the future is just around the corner. Meet the startups.

Cluster The Future of Consumer Tech and Smart Home

The Netherlands is the birthplace of tech giants such as Philips, TomTom and NXP semiconductors. Discover leading Dutch startups in emerging fields of AR, VR and Artificial Intelligence and meet the next generation of game-changers. Meet the startups.

Cluster The Future of Energy Transition and e-Mobility

The Netherlands is innovating with cutting edge alternative energy sources, new models of ownership, digitally connected ecosystems and rapid development of autonomous vehicles. Meet the startups.


Rudo Bisschop, Co-Founder Th3rd - CES 2019 Delegation Member:

We have a full pipeline ready once we have completed our rapid scanning concept and we have a go-to-market strategy laid out for us from the people we met and their feedback.

Where we are

Find us at Eureka Park, Holland Tech Square - booth #51726. Check the document Future-proof the world with us to find out more about the startups and their location at the show.

More information

Dutch State Secretary Mona Keijzer to visit the United States of America to enhance innovation