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Good results during Dutch chairmanship of Eureka

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Published on: 24 July 2020 | Changed on: 24 July 2020

The Dutch chairmanship of Eureka, the world's largest partnership for innovation between European government organisations, has been successful. The priorities set out were achieved and interesting meetings were organised. Entrepreneurs provided valuable input during the Eureka stakeholder meeting 'Creating Ecosystems for Innovation' on 5 September 2019.

From July 2019 to June 2020, the Netherlands chaired Eureka, the world's largest partnership for innovation between European government organisations.

Video: Entrepreneurs discuss Eureka

Watch this video to hear entrepeneurs discuss Eureka and for the results of the Netherlands’ chairmanship.

2 strategic priorities

The Dutch chairmanship focussed on 2 strategic priorities:

  • Developing the Eurostars 3 programme.
  • Setting up a future strategy for the Eureka industrial clusters in the area of important technologies such as ICT and microelectronics.

Results of Eureka chairmanship

Building a new Eurostars programme for innovative SMEs

  • New Eurostars 3 proposal submitted to the European Commission.
  • Eurostars 3 implementation guidelines developed.
  • 6 weeks shorter time to contract.

New model for the Independent Evaluation panel.

  • Criteria updated with environmental & societal impact.

Revitalisation of Eureka industrial clusters:

  • A new cluster opening up to new themes.
  • New cluster guidelines developed.
  • A strengthened governance model.
  • Multi-annual programming & joint calls.

The Strategic Plan 2021-2027: A new Eureka

  • Goal-oriented and flexible plan for the next 7 years.


  • Globalstars guidelines approved.
  • New calls with India, Singapore and Japan.

Strengthening the financial future and organisation of the Eureka office

  • Procurement of a new Eureka ICT platform.
  • ‘Start Smart Simple’ project tool for Eureka Networking and GlobalStars projects.

More information
For more information, check out our Dutch chairmanship of Eureka page.