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New Dutch offshore wind guide

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Published on: 29 November 2022 | Changed on: 02 December 2022

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency presented its new edition of the Offshore wind guide on the first day of the international Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference 2022 (OEEC).

The guide promotes the Dutch offshore wind industry.

International awareness of Dutch offshore wind expertise

The Dutch Offshore Wind Guide 2022 strengthens international awareness of Dutch offshore wind industry solutions. It highlights cost-reducing technology innovations and export projects.
The guide offers an opportunity to learn more about the Dutch regulatory environment and industry competencies. It is especially useful for international stakeholders, industry professionals and industry competencies.

Henk van Elburg, International Climate and Energy advisor, from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, presented the guide. He said: "This guide is interesting for other governments and foreign investors. It provides an analytical insight into the risk-reducing policy framework that helped create stable sector development in the Netherlands. At the same time, it makes Dutch technology competencies visible to industry partners in other offshore wind markets."

Yearly update on current themes

Every year, we issue an update on current themes, such as floating wind turbines and hydrogen.

ICEP and Wind & Water Works

The Dutch Offshore Wind Guide 2022 is the result of a collaboration between International Clean Energy Partnership (ICEP) and the Wind & Water Works campaign. Wind & Water Works is a one-stop information portal for the global offshore wind community. The web portal:

  • features the latest offshore wind news;
  • features project showcases and company profiles;
  • shares Dutch expertise; and
  • provides practical information to help other countries successfully develop their offshore wind markets.

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