New programme LAND-at-scale is launched

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Kadir van Lohuizen-NOOR
Gepubliceerd op: 1 April 2019 | Gewijzigd op: 04 April 2019

Today, the new programme LAND-at-scale was announced by Minister Kaag for International Trade and Development. In her intervention at the High-level LANDdialogue, the Minister referred to the importance for just, inclusive and sustainable land governance as a prerequisite for achieving many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


LAND-at-scale strives to contribute towards more equal access to land and natural resources, reduced conflicts and competing claims over land and natural resources. Moreover, it wants to contribute to more sustainable and efficient use of land and natural resources for food, housing and production.

Many initiatives supported by the Dutch government and others have already contributed to improved land governance in many developing countries. Nevertheless, much remains to be done, not only in increasing the scale but also for instance in strengthening gender aspects, documenting legitimate land and land use rights, and charting the developmental impact of land-based investments on local communities and vulnerable people.

Dutch Embassies

LAND-at-scale seeks ideas for interventions that encompass the upscaling of successful pilots, the initiation of promising innovative ideas, and the improvement of knowledge development related to just, inclusive and sustainable land governance at country/regional/landscape level. Interventions should be provided to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( through Dutch Embassies in ODA recipient countries. will then develop the ideas with stakeholders in assignments and will manage the implementation of interventions that will be as interrelated and focused as possible.

LAND-at-scale will explicitly contribute to promotion of gender equality and application of internationally adopted land governance guidelines. LAND-at-scale will be open until 2024 and start with an initial implementation budget of EUR 32 million. In this 6-year period, LAND-at-scale will welcome further co-financing and cooperation with other demand driven and programmatic initiatives that aim for improving just, inclusive and sustainable governance.

More information regarding the programme visit the LAND-at-scale page.

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