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New round of ideas for LAND-at-scale

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Published on: 23 January 2020 | Changed on: 24 January 2020

The land governance support programme LAND-at-scale has announced it is holding a second round to collect new ideas. Dutch embassies can submit their pitches until 10 March 2020. As in the first round, the LAND-at-scale committee will select the most promising ideas. Local embassies and other stakeholders will turn these into projects. The programme helps embassies strengthen essential land governance components.

Embassies can make a difference

Ideas from embassies in West and North Africa, Sahel, Horn of Africa, and the Middle East are welcome. We also invite embassies outside these regions to submit their ideas. Target groups are men, women and youth who make structural, sustainable and inclusive changes.

Ideas to strengthen land governance

Ideas may vary from upscaling earlier successful investments to innovative intervention. From upscaling potential to increased learning. You may submit your ideas that link improved land governance to developments in the legal or private sector.

LAND-at-scale is about fair, inclusive and sustainable land governance. The initial budget is €32 million. Ideas have to be in line with the Multi-Annual Country Strategy or the Annual Plan of the Embassy.