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New subsidy for reimbursement of fixed costs

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Published on: 22 May 2020 | Changed on: 01 July 2020

In June, the subsidy Reimbursement Fixed Costs (TVL) will open. TVL reimburses fixed costs for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with 250 employees or less. SMEs that have lost more than 30% of their turnover as a result of COVID-19 can apply for TVL. We expect that 200,000 SMEs will apply for TVL.

Percentage instead of a fixed amount

TVL takes into account how much turnover has been lost. The subsidy amount will be based on the total loss of turnover and the fixed costs that a company finances with its turnover. The bigger the loss, the higher the reimbursement. The maximum amount of TVL subsidy a business can get is 50,000 euros net per 4 months.

More information

At this moment, we are preparing the subsidy and the possibility for you to apply for TVL. More information will follow soon.