Offshore wind farm sites finalized

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The period for submitting an appeal against the Dutch Council of State's final plot decisions I to V for the Wind Farm Sites at Borssele closed on Friday, 20 May 2016. No appeals were submitted. Therefore all Wind Farm Site decisions for Borssele are irrevocable.

This is good news for the development of offshore wind farms in the Netherlands. is currently assessing the applications for subsidy and permits for the Wind Farm Sites I and II of the wind farm zone at Borssele. The call for tenders for Wind Farm Sites III and IV will close at the end of September. Next year the call for tenders for innovation of Wind Farm Site V will follow.

At least 1400 MW of wind capacity will be produced in the wind farm zone in Borssele. This amount is enough to provide more than 20% of all households with sustainable electricity. Offshore wind farms are part of the Dutch Energieakkoord.

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