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Over 2500 projects listed on AidData website in 4 years

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Published on: 19 June 2019 | Changed on: 01 July 2019

The AidData website provides an overview of 2500 projects in over 110 countries. The projects are part of 30 programmes of all The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl) development aid projects, carried out on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

These are international programmes in various areas: infrastructure, private sector development, food security, healthcare, water management and clean drinking water, energy, climate, promoting export to Europe, combatting child labour, responsible mining, banking products for local investment and facilitating embassies with their Trade & Aid agenda.

Open data

The information on the AidData website covers a broad spectrum. It describes everything from the aim, location, status and conclusion of projects to the identification of payments and the results achieved.

The website gives ‘insight by overview’ and is meant to give access to this information to everyone. The (open) data is also used for producing reports, it removes the need for freedom-of-information requests (in Dutch) and helps provide answers to parliamentary questions.


The Netherlands Enterprise Agency is a member of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI); an international partnership in which over 1000 organisations and NGOs across the world currently publish similar information. More and more of them are doing so on a transparent website like AidData.

More information

Want to know how IATI works? Watch the YouTube video about IATI.
If you have any questions or comments? Please contact the IATI team at The Netherlands Enterprise Agency:
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