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Over 6,000 clean cookstoves in Western Kenya

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Published on: 10 February 2021 | Changed on: 10 February 2021

In Western Kenya, many people do not have access to clean cooking appliances. They prepare their meals using wood-fuelled cookstoves or open fires. These methods are unsafe and produce a lot of smoke. Burn International wants to solve this problem and do well on the Kenyan market. The company thus developed and launched clean cookstoves.

Clean stoves

Burn International has sold over 6,000 of its Kuniokoa cookstoves in the Nyanza region. These cookstoves use biomass as fuel. They use less wood and produce less smoke during cooking than traditional cookstoves. This is good for people’s health and for the environment. Women and children especially benefit from this type of stove. Kuniokoa stoves also reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Cleaner and safer cooking in the future

In the coming years, Burn hopes to sell 120,000 cookstoves to families in Western Kenya. The region can still make a lot of progress when it comes to cleaner, safer cooking practices. The people who live there do not know about the benefits of these cookstoves yet. Also, the high distribution costs make it difficult to get these products on the market.

First SDG7 project to receive funding

SDG7 Results provides subsidies to projects based on results agreed upon at the start of the project. The applicants get the subsidy when they have achieved the results. KPMG, an Anglo-Dutch international organisation, carries out a strict, independent check. Burn is the first company to qualify for funding from the SDG7 Results subsidy scheme. It receives a subsidy amount for every product it sells.

Safe and renewable energy in developing countries

The goal of SDG7 is reliable, affordable and renewable energy for everyone. With the SDG7 Results scheme, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency hopes to reach 2 million people in developing countries. And in doing so support companies that want to reach new markets in poor or remote regions. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency carries out SDG7 on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Would you like to know more?

To find out more about the scheme, see our SDG7 Results information page. Would you like to work on sustainable solutions for people in developing countries? Find out more about the other subsidies and programmes we offer.