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Recruit young professionals via YEP Energy

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Published on: 12 April 2023 | Changed on: 18 April 2023

Via Young Expert Programmes – Energy (YEP Energy), Dutch organisations or their local partners active in the renewable energy sector can recruit young professionals for a 1 or 2-year period for projects in developing countries. YEP Energy provides financial support to these organisations. The young professionals may have different areas of expertise.

Recently, 2 young professionals contributed to an Impact Clusters pellet project in Rwanda. Both had very different, yet equally valuable, areas of expertise.

Working to improve processes

Clarisse and Rene are passionate about the energy transition. Via YEP Energy, both got the opportunity to work at BioMassters, a pellet-producing company in Rwanda. Clarisse works as a Finance and Admin Associate Manager. René is an Engineering Manager. His main focus is on product development, and he, too, has a passion for clean cooking. Despite their different backgrounds, these young professionals worked together on the same project. Both are contributing to the improvement of the company's procedures and processes.

Recruiting young professionals

Renewable energy companies interested in recruiting experts may want to follow BioMasster's example and consider hiring more than one expert or recruiting experts with different areas of expertise.

Meet Clarisse

Clarisse Gahunzire Uwitonze carries out administrative and financial duties for BioMassters. Read more about Clarisse's experience as a YEP professional.

Meet René

René van der Velden is responsible for product development, analysing data, and improving BioMassters' IT systems and internal processes. Read more about René's experience as a YEP professional.


Find out more about YEP Energy

Young Expert Programmes – Energy (YEP Energy) provides financial support to Dutch companies, NGOs, research organisations and their local partners wanting to recruit young experts for projects in developing countries.

Would you like to learn more about YEP Energy and how it can benefit your organisation? Or are you a young energy expert and would you like to learn how to get involved? Visit the YEP website.

The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) hosts and manages the overall YEP programme. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency is the coordination point and network organisation for the YEP Energy programme. For information on calls for proposals or how to apply for a subsidy, please contact the YEP Programme Bureau.

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