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Several applications for tender without subsidy Hollandse Kust (noord)

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Published on: 1 May 2020 | Changed on: 07 May 2020

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency has received several applications for the subsidy-free tender for the construction of a North Sea wind farm in the Hollandse Kust (noord) Wind Farm Zone. We will assess these applications and expects to announce the winner of the permit within 13 weeks.

A wind farm of at least 700 megawatts will be built in the zone and will produce renewable electricity without a government subsidy. This will account for approximately 2.5% of the total current electricity consumption in the Netherlands.

11 GW installed offshore wind capacity in 2030

The tender for Hollandse Kust (noord) is the fifth in a series of tenders that will see around 11 GW of installed offshore wind capacity in 2030. In 2016, the first sites in the Borssele Wind Farm Zone were tendered and won by Ørsted. The first turbines have now been installed. This week, the Borssele wind farm supplied power for the first time via TenneT's offshore grid.

Since 2018, tenders for offshore wind energy without the possibility of a subsidy have been organised in the Netherlands. The tenders for Hollands Kust (zuid) were both won by Vattenfall. Construction of the wind farms in this zone will start in 2022. As some of the wind farms will be located within territorial waters, Vattenfall will pay approximately €2 million per year for the right of superficies.

Internationally, offshore wind is experiencing strong growth. Dutch knowledge and skills are highly sought after all over the world. At the beginning of April, Dutch companies and knowledge institutes, supported by the Dutch Government, announced they will jointly focus on knowledge exchange, network building, and positioning in the United States.

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