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Share your ideas for renewable energy in developing countries

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Published on: 24 September 2021 | Changed on: 18 November 2021

As of 2022, companies and NGOs can apply again for funding from SDG7 Results. This programme supports projects for vulnerable groups in developing countries. These projects aim to give these people access to affordable, renewable energy. If you already have an idea for a project, please contact us for advice.

SDG7 Results is a result-based financing scheme. This means that we agree on the project results before the project starts. We do not issue payment until we are sure the project has achieved those results. To check this, we use a verification system. Find out below how this system works.

The verification process

An Independent Verification Agent (IVA) checks whether the applicant has achieved the agreed interim results. KPMG, an international advice company, carries out these checks with a specific system. We developed this system with them.

KPMG also carries out a risk analysis for each project. Part of the analysis is an assessment of the risk of mistakes and vulnerability to fraud. Based on the analysis, KPMG then chooses a verification method. This may include inspections over the telephone, data checks and/or on-site visits. Only then does KPMG send us an advisory report that explains the funding amount.

Simple solutions

Recently, the Pollinate Group set up a project to supply solar lamps in India. The group received a subsidy after we verified their project. More than 7,800 people now use the project’s 1,563 solar lamps.

Pollinate Group works with a sales team. Some members of that team are women who cannot read or write. These women had difficulty registering the required sales information. Without this information, we could not have verified the project. The solution was an easy-to-use app. The women now use this app to document their sales by taking pictures and recording voice messages. Pollinate Group provided training on how to do this.

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