Startup Officers for direct access to the Dutch Government

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To facilitate direct access to the Dutch Government for startups, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and StartupDelta have initiated a network of Startup Officers. These officers work for Dutch ministries, large municipalities and provinces.

The officers can assist startups with information and function as guides for entrepreneurs looking for cooperation with the government. On issues such as launching an innovative product or service, legislation and regulations, making use of test facilities or finding the right network partners.

Procurement power

Annually, the Dutch government procures for €73 billion. Startups hardly benefit from this procurement power, even though there are more options to partner with startups than people often realise. The Startup Officers have detailed these options in a working document (in Dutch). Also, StartupDelta has published an overview of different examples showcasing cooperation between startups and the government.

Additional benefits

Cooperation between government and startups brings additional benefits. The government can learn a lot from the innovative power and agility of startups. On the other hand, it can be extremely useful for a startup to make use of lab facilities of the government or to have access to their network. The Startup Officers have been designated to better utilise existing opportunities as well as to strengthen the connection between the startup ecosystem and the Dutch government.

Information and advice for startups

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( and the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) have formed specialised teams in support of startups expanding in the Netherlands and abroad. Visit the website for more information on subsidies and instruments.


More information on the Startup Officers Network? Visit or contact Katrien Westendorp, Coordinator Startup Officers Network, at

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