State of affairs Ukraine-Russia: what is the impact on doing business? |

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State of affairs Ukraine-Russia: what is the impact on doing business?

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Published on: 4 March 2022 | Changed on: 04 March 2022

The state of affairs between Russia and Ukraine changes rapidly. If you do business with either country, you are probably concerned about recent developments. What are the new sanctions against Russia? Can you still do business with your business partner? The Netherlands Enterprise Agency supports you to find the information you need about the situation in Ukraine.

State of affairs Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine changes rapidly. There are many armed conflicts in the country. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises not to travel to Ukraine. Foreign Minister Hoekstra has requested Dutch citizens in Ukraine to leave the country. More information about the Ukrainian-Russian conflict is available on It includes travel advice and emergency contact information.

Sanctions against Russia

Our overview of sanctions against Russia (in Dutch) summarises what the sanctions entail. We also refer to the official sanctions texts, which contain all the details.

Also, watch the press releases and statements from the European Council closely. Here, you will find references to the sanctions and measures.

How do I limit the impact on my business?

Do you want to limit the impact of the sanctions on your business? Here is what you can do:

Research the sanctions

Check the official sanctions. You can find these in our overview of sanctions against Russia (in Dutch). The supplements of these regulations contain lists of products, persons and companies subject to sanctions. You can use this information to decide if you can still trade with your business partner. You can also find out which goods and services you can still trade. We strongly recommend checking whether your goods are on the sanctions lists before shipping them to Russia.

Analyse the risks

We recommend that you be cautious about starting any major collaboration with Russian companies. Carry out a proper risk analysis first.

Get free advice

Do you have questions about the impact of the sanctions on your business? Our advisors will be happy to assist you. Please contact our business support desk Sanctions Russia.

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