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Last October, the first group of Mexican managers concluded the Mexico-Netherlands Strategic Program for Energy Executives Training (EET). The first NDAs have been signed with an investment value of €10 million over the next five years. In addition, 16 leads were mapped with a value of €500 million.

The Mexican energy market is in full swing since the liberalisation of the energy market in 2013. With the reforms, a state monopoly in the energy sector came to an end after 70 years. The market has opened up for new players. Thanks to the reform, $80 billion was invested in the past three years by 67 companies, from 18 countries. The Mexican companies in the energy value chain are suddenly confronted with international competition and new international rules and standards. To survive, foreign knowledge and capital are needed. The EET programme comes at the right time for many of the participants.

EET in practice

The Mexican managers received a one-week training session in Mexico (July 2017) and a second one in the Netherlands (October 2017). This in preparation for a two-week matchmaking and traineeship at a company in the Netherlands.

On 3 July 2017 the Dutch Regional Energy Envoy, Simone Landhuis, and Nicole David, Director Foreign Investors Relations of the Mexican Ministry of Energy launched the programme in Mexico-City.

Training in Mexico

During the subsequent training in Mexico, the participants got acquainted with Dutch companies already active in the Mexican market, such as Van Oord, iPS, Trigen and GreenID and gained insight into the Dutch energy market. In a session with Shell the importance of International Corporate Social Responsibility, compliance aspects and the importance for Mexico to have a strong supply chain were discussed. In addition, concrete work was done on a business model canvas and a pitch in preparation for the visit to the Netherlands.

Off to the Netherlands … and what's next?

From 9 to 27 October 2017, the participants were in the Netherlands for three weeks. After a week of training, they were offered a more customised programme. In this programme they became acquainted with a large number of Dutch companies and knowledge institutions. Highlights included a visit to innovative companies such as Ampelmann and the RDM Innovation Dock in the port of Rotterdam.

In addition, the Mexicans were also enthusiastic about the visit to the EnTranCe knowledge center and large windmill and solar parks in Northern Netherlands. For the gas experts, a four-day traineeship at Gasunie was one of the highlights of the programme. As a result of the programme, a number of agreements have now been signed and follow-up agreements have been made. An initial inventory shows the potential for economic cooperation, which runs into billions.

Concrete examples

Below some concrete examples of potential projects are given:

  • projects concerning LNG import and the required port infrastructure;
  • support for the construction of the gas market and gas infrastructure;
  • joint projects in the field of sustainable energy.

Alumni-programme EET

With an alumni programme EET aims to make the relationship with the Mexican participants more sustainable. EET 2017 has more than met the expectation for strengthening the economic relationship. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and are already considering the 2018 edition of EET. They are supported by the consortium of companies responsible for running the programme: Global Gas Networks Initiative (GGNI), Energy Delta Institute (EDI) and Marstrat.
There will also be a Mexican version under a recently signed MoU between and its Mexican counterpart ProMexico. In this version, Dutch companies get access to Mexican companies in Mexico.

More information about EET

EET is a new programme, initiated by the Dutch regional energy envoy in Mexico. It has been elaborated and developed in collaboration with the Mexican Ministry of Energy (SENER) and EET is implemented by a consortium directed by GGNI. Read more about the EET programme.

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