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Towards a cleaner Hann Bay in Dakar, Senegal

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Published on: 12 June 2020 | Changed on: 19 June 2020

ONAS, the Senegalese national organisation that processes waste water, has joined forces with the German company Ludwig Pfeiffer. With financial support from the DRIVE programme, they will lay 15 kilometres of sewer pipe in Hann Bay. The outcome will contribute to a water purification and management system for the entire region.

The pollution in Hann Bay has severe consequences for the health and employment prospects of the local population. It also has a damaging effect on biodiversity and water quality.

DRIVE, the development-relevant infrastructural project, is contributing more than €11 million to the project, for which the contract was signed on 22 May 2020. This project will improve the quality of the living environment, employment prospects and the water quality in the bay.

Health problems caused by water pollution

The people living in the bay area are living and working among rubbish heaps. They swim, fish and eat near water that is polluted with faecal bacteria. These bacteria cause respiratory, gastric, intestinal and skin problems. A UN study from 2005 showed that 35% of the people seen by a physician had skin disorders caused by water pollution in the bay.

A clean and safe environment

The goal of the purification plant is to decontaminate and purify industrial and domestic waste water. It will also prevent waste water from being discharged into the bay. DRIVE will contribute to:

  • the main sewer;
  • 7 pumping stations;
  • a primary waste water purification plant;
  • an outfall running into the sea for discharging treated wastewater.

Awareness-raising, information provision and encouragement

Also, DRIVE will pay attention to raising awareness and informing the people about pollution. A further goal is to encourage industries to invest in purification plants before they connect to the sewer network. The local government will be supported to introduce charges to discourage pollution.

Expected outcomes

Construction of the DRIVE project is expected to be complete in 2022. The total cost of the project will be more than €60 million. In the second phase, the network will be expanded. Then a second water purification plant for secondary treatment will be built.

The goal and expectation are that the sewer system will be adopted by industries and households, towards a cleaner Hann Bay.

Additional information

You can read more about the DRIVE programme on our information page. For other DRIVE projects, please consult our project database.

Impression of the current situation in Hann Bay (source: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Dakar)