Water from the desert air during the Dubai EXPO 2020

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Published on: 2 July 2019 | Changed on: 02 July 2019

This week the construction of the Dutch pavilion for Dubai EXPO 2020 started. The starting signal was the symbolic delivery of a bottle of water. Not just a bottle of water, but water that has been extracted from the air. Now from the Dutch atmosphere, but next year from the desert air above Dubai.

Hans Sandee, Commissioner General on behalf of the Netherlands at the EXPO 2020 Dubai, handed the bottle of water to Najeeb Mohammed Al-Ali, the Executive Director Dubai EXPO 2020.

This act symbolizes the Dutch contribution to EXP 2020 Dubai. The Dutch pavilion will produce its own water, energy and food when it is finished. This fits the EXPO 2020's motto: 'Uniting Water, Energy and Food'. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl) is the initiator/executive of the pavilion.

Water-from-air technology

How do you get water from desert air? This goes through the 'SunGlacier', an innovative technological invention that will be shown in the Dutch pavilion from 20 October 2020. Artist-entrepreneur-inventor Ap Verheggen and his right-hand man Peter van Geloven are the creators of the SunGlacier.

Verheggen: "Our sustainable solar-powered water-from-air technology makes it possible for us to be able to produce food in the future without being dependent on rainfall, rivers or other traditional water sources."

Innovative water systems

Another example that will be shown during the EXPO 2020 are the water systems from Holland Water. These systems prevent biofilm (a layer of micro-organisms) from developing in water pipes and cooling towers. By cleverly dosing very low concentrations of copper and silver ions, bacteria - such as legionella, for example - have no chance. Also not in the warm climate of Dubai.

"The responsibility that we bear for our planet and future generations is great," said Minister Kaag. In a video message from Scheveningen beach, she addressed the audience in Dubai. "The Netherlands is ready to show its own innovations in the field of water, energy and food to the world."

Participate in EXPO 2020

Are you interested in participating in the EXPO 2020? Read our news item of 14 June about what opportunities there are for you in the tender for facility management & hospitality for the Holland pavilion.

Are you interested in collaboration? Visit the Dutch Dubai website or contact the project team that is preparing the Dutch participation in the Dubai Expo.

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