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Women in Business! share their stories in Gender E-zine 2021

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Published on: 5 March 2021 | Changed on: 08 March 2021

On International Women's Day we present our Gender E-zine 2021: Women in Business!

The Dutch government is committed to gender equality, women entrepreneurship and more economic independence for women. In our magazine, we share stories from various programmes from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Read about women entrepreneurs in the Netherlands as well as developing countries, external women experts and employees from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

10 stories from around the world

The magazine covers 10 stories from around the world. Read how Fadwa Moussaif, a young Moroccan business woman, gives women in the villages around Casablanca the opportunity to market their traditional weaving techniques. Learn how Melanie Rieback started the world's first non-profit computer security company. If you are looking for a business partner for your production line, you may want to follow Marja Baas' example. She found her business partner in Bangladesh.

In the magazine, you will also come across an interview with Thomas Vintges, our project advisor. He shares the importance of fair land rights for women farmers in Africa. "With this magazine, we want to inspire women entrepreneurs and promote gender equality. Not only during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also afterwards," says Pascalle Grotenhuis, ambassador Women's Rights and Gender Equality for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Enjoy reading Women in Business!

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