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You may be eligible for the following arrangements under company financing (SEED Capital schemae) or project financing (others):

SEED Capital scheme

Using the SEED Capital scheme (overview of SEED funds), the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy aims to support techno and creative startups. The ministry grants capital to investment funds that invest risk capital in innovative entrepreneurs in the technological and creative sector through this scheme. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency is responsible for its implementation.

SME Credit Guarantee scheme

The SME Credit Guarantee scheme is meant for companies who want to take out a loan at a bank, but who do not have sufficient collateral. The company must have sufficient perspective for the future. The Dutch government guarantees sums up to € 1.5 million through the BMKB. The bank will be more willing to provide a loan if that loan is partially guaranteed by the government. The bank evaluates the application.


Maximum loan of  € 1.5  million.


The product is ready for production, commercialisation results have been achieved. The step towards profitable exploitation will be made with the requested funding.


Lodewijk van der Vegt:

International Matchmaking on Innovation and Technology

Innovative, high tech companies and academics with the ambition to grow internationally. Get in touch with relevant industry players and start building your local network in a specific country.

In a 3 to 5-day mission you will travel to a specific country with other companies and academics specialized in one technology field. We facilitate the mission together with our local staff, both as to the activities and logistically. This will give you access to private and public partners in your preferred field of business. When we return, we will conduct a follow-up and we will assess specific leads and opportunities together with you.

This mission is the perfect way to open doors to a new market.


€ 250 per person for the programme. The flight and accommodations are at your own expense.


Alexandra de Vogel:

Energy and Environmental Investment Allowances

Companies who invest in energy-saving installations or that make use of sustainable energy. Read more about it on the Energy Investment Allowance webpage. You can deduct 55% of the investment costs from the fiscal profits, on top of your usual depreciation. As a result, you pay less income tax or company tax.


On average, the EIA gives you a 13.5% tax advantage.

Environment Investment Allowance (MIA)

Companies who invest in environment-friendly installations. You can deduct 36% (or 27% or 13.5%) of the investment costs from the fiscal profits, on top of your usual depreciation. As a result, you pay less income tax or company tax.


On average, the MIA gives you a maximum 9% tax advantage.


Martin Otten:

Innovation Box

The innovation Box is meant for companies who have successfully developed a technical innovation. A special tax rate box (5%) in corporate income tax. From 2017 there is a distinction between small and large companies. For small companies (i.e. startups) the total (global group-wide) net turnover is less than €250 million over a period of five years and the qualifying intangible assets generate less than €37.5 million in profits over a period of five years.

For small taxpayers, only an R&D-declaration from WBSO is required as an 'entrance ticket' to the Innovation Box. You can make arrangements with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration on how to determine the profits stated in the Innovation Box.


You must have an R&D declaration.


Robert Schaart: