Doing business in emerging markets

We are happy to help you raise financing for your international business plans, for instance if you cannot obtain the finance you need through the banks. Our regional experts can also advise you on subsidies and programmes run by international organisations such as the European Union or Word Bank, in addition to the ones administered by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

Infrastructural development

On behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency is running several programmes whose aim is to bolster infrastructural development in developing countries and emerging markets. These programmes are Develop2Build, DRIVE and (the now-closed) ORIO.

Private sector development

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency has various programmes to support sustainable economic growth in developing countries and emerging markets. These programmes focus on innovative investment projects, transfer of technology, knowledge and skills in social and economic sectors.

Global issues

Dutch development policy focuses on three key themes: water, food and energy. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency will work with you through various programmes on water safety, food security and energy access in developing countries. In these themes there is great attention for gender, environment and climate. Let’s work together!

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