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Finding business partners

Are you looking for business partners? We can help you develop and grow your organisation by sharing our network. Whether you are searching for international partnerships, advice for international growth or support for business innovation, we are here to help you emerge.

The Dutch local embassy or consulate

The Netherlands has embassies in capital cities, consulates in key economic centres and Netherlands Business Support Offices (NBSOs) in other regions with potential for Dutch companies. They are familiar with local markets, highlight opportunities and give practical advice. Sometimes they can also open doors that others cannot. Visit this website to find a Dutch embassy or consulate in your own country.

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

  • The Enterprise Europe Network supports SMEs operating in international trade and innovation. They help you find a business partner in more than 60 countries in Europe and beyond. Visit this website to Find your local contact point.
  • Find your match through a profile database for requests for cooperation, and supply and demand from more than 60 countries. These are companies that are looking for agents, distributors or production partners, but also partners for technological development, license agreements and R&D. You can also have your own profile included in the database via the following page Partnering opportunities.

Agricultural attaché network

The agricultural attaché network (Dutch) offers support to all Dutch companies in the agricultural sector that are interested in doing business abroad. The agricultural attachés or agricultural counsellors are advisors that, along with their teams, support Dutch companies in over 70 countries. Working from the economic departments of embassies and consulates worldwide, they are capable of getting you in touch with the right agricultural business partner.

Doing business in emerging markets?

The Centre for the promotion of imports from developing countries (CBI) helps entrepreneurs from developing countries introduce their products and services into the European market. CBI also connects European businesses to reliable, certified suppliers geared to doing business with European partners. Centre for the promotion of imports from developing countries (CBI)

Netherlands Business Support Offices (NBSOs)

Netherlands Business Support Offices (NBSOs) are trade offices by the Dutch governement situated in foreign contries. NBSOs support your activities abroad in a practical way. Do you wish to export or register your organisation in another country? Are you looking for market information or a business partner? NBSOs can help. They can help you find contacts, intermediars, partnerships, introduce you to local laws and regulations and help you find the right fairs, exhibitions, conferences and other relevant events. You can find an NBSO per country on the website

Sector specific information

Are you looking for specific Dutch trade and industry organisations? Have a look at the website. is the English-language counterpart of the Dutch website Ondernemersplein (Chamber of Commerce) and offers information for resident and foreign entrepreneurs, who want to establish a business or do business in the Netherlands.

Regional Business Developers

Regional Business Developers support entrepreneurs (both SMEs and large companies), universities and research institutes in reaching their international goals for trade, investment or cooperation on projects. Regional Business Developers, working at Dutch embassies, are active in five regions to allow Dutch companies to benefit even more from trade, investment and R&D opportunities. Through Regional Business Developers (RBDs), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs aims to increase the market presence of Dutch entrepreneurs in Latin America, Western Africa, the Gulf region, ASEAN countries, and Scandinavia and the Balkans. In these regions there are substantial opportunities for increasing Dutch trade and investments.

Innovation Attaché Network

The Innovation Attachés (Dutch) have tailor made information on technical developments and trends in  more than 20  countries in the world. They can offer advice for strategic acquisition on R&D investments.

Network and partnerships

Do you wish to participate in a consortium of a public-private partnership? Or do you wish to export from a developing country to a European market? Netherlands Enterprise Agency supports you with national and international partnerships and networks. Visit this page to find out which partnerships and networks there are.