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Dutch Visitors’ Programme for High Potentials


Facts & Figures

The Dutch Visitors’ Programme for High Potentials is organised 6 times per year. It is a 10-day intensive study visit, consisting of 6 collective days, 2 days off and 2 tailor-made individual days. Delegations consist of 8 persons in total, each from a different country. This encourages exchange and discussion between the participants.

High Potentials, aged 27 – 35, are promising young professionals (future leaders) in government, politics, business, civil society, education and science. The candidates are in possession of a Master’s degree, fluent in English and active in a field or discipline relevant to the Netherlands. Candidates for emerging economies are particularly encouraged to participate in the programme.


The Dutch Visitors Programme is a high profile programme for the next generation of leaders. The aim is to increase the knowledge and involvement of the participants in the Netherlands for future cooperation. Its emphasis lies on creating a network of ‘Holland Ambassadors’ worldwide. Often, the themes of the programmes have a strong economic diplomacy component. In the interest of fostering improved mutual understanding, the programme offers participants the opportunity to experience the Netherlands first-hand to obtain valuable insight into the country’s history, culture, people and society.Through this programme, participants can also gain relevant knowledge and acquire helpful contacts within a specific area in the Netherlands, thus fulfilling both professional and personal needs and interests.


The themes – Democracy & the Rule of Law, Water, Logistics, Human Rights, Food Security and Sustainable Energy - and dates of DVP are determined in The Hague by the steering committee This advisory group is represented by individuals from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Subsequently, the Dutch embassies and consulates are informed and are also invited to submit a candidate for the programme.

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