Infrastructural development


Good infrastructure is vital for the functioning of an economy. That is true for the Netherlands, but equally true for developing countries. Yet developing countries often have poor infrastructural facilities owing to a lack of financial resources, administrative capacity and technical expertise.

Inadequate infrastructure has immediate negative effects on anti-poverty efforts and economic growth in areas such as private sector development, foreign investments, free trade and exports. The Dutch government works to stimulate private sector development through contributions to public infrastructure projects. It provides finance and assistance for the realisation of public infrastructure such as harbours, irrigation systems, hospitals, coastal protection, reliable power supplies and so on.

On behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( is running three programmes whose aim is to bolster infrastructural development in developing countries and emerging markets. These programmes are Develop2Build, DRIVE and (the now-closed) ORIO.

Video has made a video (YouTube) - Public infrastructure development in Senegal – The new port of Ziguinchor:

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