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Business partner scan

Our business partner scan finds suitable partners for you. Our foreign network, including our embassies, gladly shares their knowledge of the local market with you. Based on your specific questions and requirements, they will provide an overview of potential business partners. If necessary, we will introduce you ourselves. This way, you will gain much quicker access to your new market.

The benefits of a business partner scan

Our foreign network staff (Dutch embassy, consulate general or Netherlands Business Support Office) will approach potential business partners for an initial introduction of your company. These members of staff are acquainted with both the Dutch and local business cultures. We will give you the responses and contact details of potential business partners. You can then approach interested parties yourself to see if you can work together. The fact that someone from our foreign network has already introduced you will open doors more easily for you.

Please, remember that a personal introduction is not always possible or can even work against you. In some countries, being introduced by someone from the government can give the wrong impression. If this is the case, you will receive a list of potential business partners, so that you can approach them yourself.

How to apply for a business partner scan

In a face-to-face meeting with one of our regional experts, you will see if the business partner scan is the right option for you. If so, you can ask the regional experts to start the scan for you. This involves a payment of:

  • €200, without a personal introduction
  • €500, including a personal introduction
Looking for business partners? Get in touch and find out more about our scan.