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Find a business partner: expand your network

When your business is growing, you may want to consider teaming up with a business partner. A partnership offers many benefits, for example, sharing resources, talents and experience. Together, you can also share the workload and lead your company through new projects. If you are expanding your business abroad, you may need distributors, agents, and production partners. We can help you connect with suitable partners and expand your network.

Business partner support

We offer business partner support for entrepreneurs looking to expand their business abroad. Together we look for partners (distributors, agents, and production partners) that meet your specific requests and requirements.

We share our network and together we will explore international business partners in your sector. Whether you are searching for international partnerships, advice on global growth or support for business innovation. The business partner scan is one of the 4 business research tools that help you invest in, develop and expand your organisation in the Netherlands and abroad.

Find partners for your development project

Are you looking for partners or a consortium for your development project? Through our external network, you can find parties that are experienced in projects involving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Startup network in the Netherlands

Within the Dutch startup community, you can find relevant information that helps you start and grow your business. Please have a look at our external startup networks, accelerators and facilitators. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency helps startups and scaleups find their way in the Dutch ecosystem. We offer government funding, advice, and an international economic network.

International Economic Network

The Dutch government has a worldwide economic network of more than 150 embassies, consulates and trade offices abroad. They offer support to entrepreneurs doing business abroad, including investments, R&D and partnerships. Do you have ambitions across borders? Are you looking for help in doing business in another country? Find relevant business partners in our international network.

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