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Rockstart Enterprises

Rockstart is one of Europe's first multi-vertical startup accelerators. Its goal is to find, invest in, support and empower the greatest startups to become scalable and drive positive change in the world. Since 2011, Rockstart has become the specialist in building entire ecosystems around specific domains - such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Health and Smart Energy. Rockstart is actively building entrepreneurial infrastructures with its acceleration verticals, as well as early-stage startup programmes.

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Rockstart helps startups become scalable by providing access to capital, market, community and expertise.

  • Rockstart provides access to capital directly and indirectly. It invests €20,000 in the selected startups and €80,000 'in kind'. Our real value also comprises our network of 300+ very active angels and VCs.
  • Rockstart provides access to market by teaming up with the most relevant industry players and ensuring they understand how to work with startups. An important element of each programme is the Summit, the goal of which is to connect all relevant market stakeholders.
  • Rockstart provides access to a thriving community. It has invested in over 100 startups that actively support each other.
  • Rockstart provides access to more relevant expertise needed to build a scalable startups within Web&Mobile, Smart Energy, Digital Health, and Artificial Intelligence. There is an amazing global network of mentors who offer their time and expertise to give back to the community. For the love of startups.

Target group

Rockstart is looking for early-stage startups working in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Web&Mobile, Digital Health and Smart Energy that are able and willing to move to the programme location for the duration of the programme.

Selection criteria

When selecting startups for its programmes, Rockstart pays attention to the team, target market, product and timing. The right combination of these four elements significantly increases the odss of getting selected for one of Rockstart’s programmes - and for success in the future.

Intended results

Rockstart’s purpose is to provide the best startups with the support they need to make most of their ideas and products. The Accelerator is an integral part of the Netherlands’ entrepreneurial ecosystem, building up new verticals and making the country a premier startup destination in Europe.



Rune Theill
Co-founder and CEO

Rutger van Waveren
Programme director

Andrii Degeler
Community growth manager

Contact details

We only facilitate startup visa for startups participating in our Accelerator programmes. Please find current dates and how to apply here.