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  1. How to apply for EIA

    You have made an investment that ensures energy savings or you’re planning to do so. The investment is eligible for financial deduction through the EIA. What now?

  2. Project management (SDGP)

    After approval of your proposal, the project partners start implementing the project. The Grant Award of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl) defines the results that have...

  3. Shiraka Training Programme (STP)

    The Shiraka Training Programme (STP) is part of the Shiraka Programme that has been developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support sustainable democratic transition in...

  4. Instruments for startups and scaleups

    The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl) helps startups and scaleups to grow and to accelerate their business by offering financial support, personal advice and access to...

  5. Finding a facilitator

    One of the requirements for obtaining a residence permit is working together with a business mentor: a facilitator. This cooperation must be officially established in a (signed)...

  6. Doing business in emerging markets

    We are happy to help you raise financing for your international business plans, for instance if you cannot obtain the finance you need through the banks. Our regional experts can...

  7. Do I qualify for EIA?

    The Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) is a scheme for companies, not for private individuals, associations or foundations.

  8. EIA financial administration

    You have made an investment that helps save energy, applied for EIA and received an EIA statement. You will now have to make sure the EIA is submitted to the Dutch Tax and Customs...


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