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  1. WBSO: tax credit for research and development

    Flying cars, 3D metal printers, energy-generating dance floors and sustainable prams. Just a few examples of the innovative products developed by Dutch entrepreneurs thanks to the...

  2. Research & Development

    Research & Development for your company, Innovation can be of great value for the competitive position of your company. Research & Development (R&D) helps you grow...

  3. Apply for WBSO

    Would you like to apply for WBSO? Prepare your application using the focus points below. In 2022, applying for WBSO will be simpler and more flexible. Each application you submit...

  4. WBSO administration

    If you applied for the WBSO tax credit for research and development, you are required to keep an administration. A proper administration will provide simple and clear insights...

  5. WBSO tax credit benefit

    The WBSO is a tax credit for research and development. The tax credit benefit that the WBSO grants you depends on the legal form of your business.

  6. WBSO statement

    You must always notify the Netherlands Enterprise Agency of the number of hours you have spent on research and development during the year in question. And, if applicable, the...

  7. Intellectual property

    Patents and intellectual property ( Patents & other IP rights ), For whom Business owners (SMEs, startups), the services sector, scientists, teachers and students with...