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  1. Project management

    After approval of your proposal, the project partners start implementing the project. The Grant Award of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl) defines the results that have...

  2. Private contribution and surety by NGOs (FDW)

    In order to be eligible for the Sustainable Water Fund programme, NGOs do not need to make a private contribution. Neither do they have to act as a guarantor for other partners.

  3. Full proposals FDW

    On this page you can find the download package to apply for a Sustainable Water Fund (FDW) subsidy. You will also find useful tools to help draft your proposal. Before submitting...

  4. Vouchers FDW16

    After you have submitted a concept note and received a positive advice from RVO.nl, you can apply for a voucher. You can use this voucher to hire an organisation or expert to...

  5. Concept Notes FDW

    The first step in applying for the Sustainable Water Fund (FDW) is to hand in a concept note. Submitting a concept note is compulsory before handing in a full proposal. A concept...

  6. Sustainable Water Fund (FDW)

    This facility is closed. You can no longer apply for a grant. The Sustainable Water Fund programme (FDW) is a Public Private Partnership facility that aims to contribute to water...

  7. Official notices FDW

    The Official Notices of the FDW calls for 2017, 2016, 2014 and 2012 can be downloaded below.

  8. Publications FDW

    Here you can find various publications and presentations related to the Sustainable Water Fund (FDW). Webinar by BoP Innovation Center about Inclusieve PPPs Emerging Best...

  9. Work Package 1 (WP1) - inception phase (FDW)

    After the inception phase you must submit a Progress Report (narrative and financial) to RVO.nl. Please use the forms below. This Progress Report should cover the period mentioned...

  10. Annual progress report (FDW)

    Every year, you must submit an Annual Progress Report (narrative and financial) to RVO.nl. Please use the forms below. These Progress Reports should cover the periods mentioned in...


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