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  1. Embassies and Consulates

    The economic network is made of economic departments at Dutch embassies and consulates general worldwide. They can help you start doing business abroad and support you while you...

  2. Netherlands Agricultural Network

    The Netherlands Agricultural Network supports Dutch agricultural companies and knowledge institutes interested in doing business abroad.

  3. Startup and scale-up support

    Are you a startup or scale-up entrepreneur in the Netherlands? The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) offers special funding, a national and international network, and personal...

  4. Bioenergy

    The Netherlands is working towards an energy system that releases hardly any CO 2 . The use of bioenergy plays a vital role. Are you a bioenergy producer, consultant, technician,...

  5. Research & Development

    Innovation can be of great value for the competitive position of your company. Research...

  6. Sustainability

    Sustainability in business, Do you want to use sustainable business practices, enter new markets and see more growth? Let us help you make your organisation sustainable. We gladly...

  7. Dutch chairmanship of Eureka

    From July 2019 to June 2020, the Netherlands will be chairing Eureka, the world's largest partnership for innovation between European government organisations. What are the...

  8. Accessibility

    The Netherlands Enterprise Agency is committed to providing online information that is user-friendly, accessible, well-designed and findable. To make sure that we do, we apply the...

  9. Press

    If you have any press questions, please contact one of our spokespersons or email: pers@rvo.nl . If you have any other questions, please contact our Customer service centre .