Applying for MIA/Vamil

Applying for MIA and Vamil online is now even easier using the ‘digitaal loket’.

Apply now using eLoket (in Dutch only)

View a step-by-step guide for applying (in Dutch only)

To apply for MIA and Vamil, an accountant’s report is not needed.

Applying on time

In general you have to submit a report to MIA/Vamil within 3 months of entering into an obligation to buy the company resource. "Entering into an obligation" is, for instance, signing a purchase order.

Production costs are subject to slightly different terms. Production costs are expenditures for using your own staff, materials from your own warehouse and activities performed by third parties under your own direction. These expenses should be reported within 3 months of the end of each calendar quarter in which they were made. This does not apply if the company resource is adopted in the course of the calendar quarter. The production costs over the quarter in which the company resource is used then have to be reported within 3 months of the beginning of that use.

For further information about the reporting terms, we refer you to the Tax and Customs Administration (Dutch).

Combinations with other schemes

It is possible to combine the Vamil with MIA. Grants from, for instance, the Young Farmers’ Scheme must be deducted from the investment costs.

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