Apply for Creative Twinning

You can submit an application for Creative Twinning between 24 January 2018 and 31 August 2018 (12.00 hours CET).

If your project matches the criteria, please submit your application. You can submit an application as long as the scheme is active.

The scheme works on a 'first come, first served' basis, which means that will assess applications based on the order in which they arrive. In addition, projects must achieve a minimum score to be eligible for a grant.

Attachments to your application

You must e-mail the filled out application form and the following attachments. Please complete the attachments in English.

  1. Annex I - Project Proposal (pdf);
  2. Annex II - Budget calculation tool (excel);
  3. Annex III - Partnership Agreement (pdf);
  4. Annex IV - Monitoring and evaluation plan (pdf);
  5. Annex V - Cases (pdf) - elaboration of 2 example projects from the past 2 years;
  6. Optional: PARTOS certificate or COCA form. You only need to send this if you have already completed a COCA form in the past 4 years, or if you are PARTOS 9001 certified: the year 2015 certified;
  7. Financial statements for the 2 previous years (free format).
Should you encounter any problems filling out the digital form, please use this Creative Twinning Application Form (pdf) and e-mail it to with the filled out attachments.

Partnership Agreement

The Partnership Agreement (pdf) lists all the alliance partners, including their individual contributions to the project. This is one of the documents that you must enclose with your application form.

Main applicant

The main applicant submits the application on behalf of the alliance and bears responsibility towards the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy / the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (

Following your application will check whether your application is complete. We will assess a complete application based on the threshold criteria (knock-out criteria). If your application meets the threshold criteria, a content check will be carried out.

You will hear whether has approved your application within 13 weeks of receipt of your application.

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