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Creative Twinning partnership


A key component of Creative Twinning projects is collaboration. What criteria must a partnership meet according to

An important criterion for the Creative Twinning subsidy is that your organisation is engaged in an alliance with creative or cultural organisations from the Netherlands, from the countries bordering the EU, or from another country. At a minimum, your alliance includes 1 Dutch partner and 1 partner from the target country. The lead applicant may come from the Netherlands or another country. Only non-profit organisations can be the lead applicant.

Organisations with a cultural profile

Only an alliance of organisations (that are all legal entities) with a cultural profile can submit the application. These cultural organisations can comprise companies, local cultural organisations or non-governmental organisations (NGOs), as well as schools, universities of applied sciences, and knowledge or research institutions. These organisations have to be legal bodies - organisations under private law. Local cultural organisations may include non-profit organisations and commercial establishments in the cultural domain. Note that we define a cultural organisation as an organisation that has culture as its core business.

Government agencies, amateur clubs, hobby clubs and private initiatives are not eligible. In addition, organisations currently receiving an institutional grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are not eligible for a Creative Twinning subsidy.