Creative Twinning projects 2018

In 2018, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency supported 5 international cultural projects:


1. Room for Everyone

In Room for Everyone, the HIVOS foundation initiates a creative digital platform for young people and their peers in North Africa. The project will engage diverse groups of youths from marginalised neighbourhoods in the use of art, media and technology.
The project aims to trigger creative energy, enhance critical thinking and teach them skills beyond what is on offer in formal education. This will help them to cooperate and co-create, to appreciate diversity and to take responsibility for their own actions.

2. Museum 15/24

Through Museum 15/24, the Hermitage Museum XXI Century Foundation in Russia seeks to set a benchmark for best museum practices to awaken the interest of young people in their cultural heritage. The project aims to find new methods to draw (physically and mentally disadvantaged) young people’s attention to traditional and innovative cultural projects. In addition, it will contribute to knowledge exchange and sharing of good practices between museums, schools and scientific institutions in the country.

3. Music Connects

The Music Connects project in Kosovo and Macedonia by Musicians without Borders recreates a shared urban youth culture between different ethnic groups through rock music.
They have developed an innovative approach for activating young people through state-of-the-art rock music education, production and promotion, with young musicians leading the way.

4. MasterPeace’s ACT!

MasterPeace’s ACT! aims to realise a change in attitudes among 50,000 young people. It does so through programmes it has developed in the Netherlands, Bosnia Herzegovina, Albania, Georgia and Morocco.
These programmes include music, walls of connection, storytelling and summits. Local role models and storytelling ambassadors will be selected and trained to contribute to a sustainable future with less conflict and transformation of social local ecosystems.

5. Youth Artivists for change

Through the Youth Artivists for change project, the Art. 1 foundation addresses issues of gender equality, LGBTIQ rights and creates safe art spaces in Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania.
The activities in the project aim to connect young people with different cultural backgrounds. Participation of these young people in film, theatre, photo exhibitions, debates, podcast and storytelling activities will contribute to their empowerment.

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