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Dutch chairmanship of Eureka


From July 2019 to June 2020, the Netherlands will be chairing Eureka, the world's largest partnership for innovation between European government organisations.

What are the plans for this period?

2 strategic priorities

The Dutch chairmanship will focus on 2 strategic priorities: developing the Eurostars 3 programme and setting up a future strategy for the Eureka industrial clusters in the area of key technologies such as ICT and microelectronics.
Watch the video of the Dutch chairmanship.

Development of the Eurostars 3 programme

One of the main priorities of the Dutch chairmanship is to develop the Eurostars 3 programme during the period 2021-2028. Eurostars is a European innovation programme and an initiative of Eureka and the European Commission (EC). Eurostars offers financial support to projects through the national government of each participating country.

In order to develop the Eurostars 3 programme further, the Netherlands strives for cooperation with the EC and the adoption of implementation guidelines. By cooperating with the EC, the Netherlands wants to create an improved Eurostars 3 programme, with a budget of €1 billion and a broader range of accompanying activities that will make Eurostars 3 compatible with other national and EU programmes. In addition, guidelines are necessary for the implementation of the new programme.

Future strategy for Eureka clusters

The Eureka programme consists of various industrial clusters. These are set up for:

  • driving economic growth by encouraging technological cooperation between companies;
  • developing and applying joint solutions for economic, strategic and social issues.

Over the years, the innovation landscape has changed to such an extent that it has become necessary to adapt the Eureka clusters to ensure that they remain future-proof.

In addition to developing the Eurostars 3 programme and a future strategy for the industrial Eureka clusters in the area of key technologies such as ICT and microelectronics, the Netherlands will also work on defining a new strategic roadmap for the Eureka network up to 2027 and a globalisation strategy.

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