Dutch Risk Reduction Team (DRR Team)

The Dutch are world-renowned for their water expertise. Dutch experts are involved in water-related projects all over the globe. The Dutch government and the Dutch water sector founded the Dutch Risk Reduction Team (DRR Team), a government-to-government instrument that focuses on sending project teams across the globe to give expert advice on disaster prevention.

The Netherlands covers the entire disaster management cycle with DRR: from mitigation, preparedness and response to recovery.

Reducing disasters risks

Many countries around the world face severe water threats. They are frequently in urgent need of expert advice on how to prevent or recover from a disaster. To give an example; when a country has been struck by severe floods, it needs to know how to prevent future water risks safely and sustainably after the first emergency relief workers have done their job.

To meet these needs and respond swiftly, the Dutch government initiated the Dutch Risk Reduction Team (DRR Team). This team of experts advises governments on how to solve urgent issues, such as flood risks, water pollution and water supply, to prevent disasters or rebuild after water-related disasters.

Dutch water expertise

The DRR Team quickly and thoroughly  provides state-of-the-art Dutch water expertise. The DRR Team does not provide emergency aid. It is dedicated to preventing or alleviating water-related disasters. Governments that want to prevent water-related disasters and need help finding the right solutions can request a DRR Project.

DRR and Dutch Surge Support

The DRR Team is an addition to Dutch Surge Support (DSS Water), which aims at providing efficient emergency aid during and after water related disasters and at helping with reconstruction projects.

Projects overview

Read more about DRR Team projects (active on or started after January 2015) on the aiddata.rvo.nl portal. This portal shows an overview of all official development aid (ODA) projects and programmes executed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl). You can search by country, sector and programme.

More information

For more information, see the web page of the Dutch Water Sector.

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