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Conditions and application DTIF Investments


DTIF Investment offers support through loans, guarantees and direct or indirect shares with a repayment obligation. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( serves as the fund manager for this facility.


In order to qualify for the DTIF Investment facility, your company and project will have to meet several conditions:

  • You have a solid business plan and can show that you are in a position to repay the funding.
  • Your company is established in the Netherlands, and you conduct substantial activities in this country. This means that your Dutch operations generate enough revenue and profits through activities in the Netherlands for a co-financier to provide funding.
  • Preferably, you have a co-financier and ideally contribute at least 20% yourself.
  • The market is wholly or partially unable to facilitate your financing application and you require additional funding.
  • Your activities are not featured on the FMO exclusion list.
  • You will implement the project in accordance with the OESO guidelines for international corporate social responsibility (IMVO) for multinational companies.


Do you meet the DTIF Investment requirements for Dutch businesses? Do you think your project qualifies? Complete the following steps to apply for DTIF financing:

  1. Fill out the QuickScan (PDF in Dutch) with your concrete project idea and email it to:
  2. An DTIF desk consultant will call you at the earliest possible opportunity. During that conversation, you will discuss your completed QuickScan and you will have to provide further details of your project plan. Our consultant will assess whether your project is feasible with DTIF and determine whether you should start the application procedure. processes applications in order of receipt. An independent advisory committee will assess all applications.