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Netherlands Strategic Programme for Energy Executives Training - EET

Would you like to provide an energy sector manager with the opportunity to follow a traineeship at your company? The Netherlands Strategic Programme for Energy Executives Training (EET) couples energy managers to traineeship as part of its EET programme. The training programme is for managers from Aruba, Brazil, Curaçao and Mexico who work in the energy sector. The programme covers the following topics: oil and gas, renewables, offshore energy and port development.

In 2019 the programme will focus more on clean energy, renewables, energy efficiency in the industry and the energy transition. The number of participants for the programme is limited to 20. 15 from Mexico and 5 from Aruba, Brazil and Curaçao.

Economic relations

Through the programme, managers working in the energy sector:

  • get the chance to create or further develop strong business relations; joint ventures;
  • will gain an increased understanding of how to do business internationally. At the same time, they’ll gain knowledge on how to strengthen their skills to successfully develop economic relations with Dutch partners;
  • get the opportunity to broaden their network.

Content of the programme

Prior to the traineeship in the Netherlands, the managers will receive a week-long training on site in Mexico. Then they will attend a second week of training in the Netherlands, followed by the one or two-week traineeship.

The training courses will include the following topics:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility, local capacity/content development;
  • Unique Selling Points of the Dutch energy sector;
  • identification of opportunities in the energy sector in the target countries and international business development;
  • international Human Resource Management;
  • experience of Dutch companies working in the region, e.g. iPS, Damen, Van Oord and Boskalis;
  • cultural aspects.

Attention will also be paid to the development of the participants’ personal skills during the training course. The traineeship provides participants and Dutch companies with the opportunity to look into entering partnerships and doing business together.

Calendar 2019

Registration and Financial Arrangements

Candidates are kindly asked to send their application by e-mail to the respective representatives of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in their country.

ArubaDepartment of Economic Affairs, Commerce and IndustryMrs. Zulema
BrazilConsulate-General of the Kingdom of the NetherlandsMr. Micha
CuraçaoMinistry of Economic DevelopmentMrs. Shereeta
MexicoEmbassy of the Kingdom of the NetherlandsMs. Simone

Dutch companies are also able to nominate managers. See this page to find out how to apply and the financial arrangements.

If you are a company based in the Netherlands and interested in offering a traineeship, you can contact us by e-mail: