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Programme and planning Energy Executives Training (EET)

This is the planning / schedule for the Energy Executive Training (EET) programme.

Please read more about the registration and selection procedure if you wish to participate in the EET programme.

Training in Mexico

This part of the programme lasts one week and will be organised in Mexico. The programme will focus on different aspects related to doing business internationally and personal development.

Some examples of the topics which will be discussed:

  • how to do business in the Netherlands/internationally;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility/local content development & role of local service providers;
  • energy specific topics;
  • change management;
  • decision-making;
  • best practices;
  • cultural differences;
  • International Human Resource Management.


We will try to find the most suitable Dutch host company for you, based on your profile and the field/sector your company is active in. In the event you’re invited by a Dutch company to participate in the programme as a Free Market candidate (and selected to participate by the Dutch Embassy and, this Dutch company will be your host company.

Please note: participating in the programme in the Netherlands depends on whether or not can find you an internship at a Dutch host company. Participants for whom we cannot find an internship position will not be able to participate in the programme in the Netherlands.

Training in the Netherlands

This part of the programme lasts 1 week. The training will focus on different subjects and will be connected to the training organised in Mexico.

Both training programmes will pay special attention to cross-cultural understanding: emphasis on traditions and customs in the Netherlands (business) community will prepare you for your internship.

Internship within a Dutch company

The internship gives the Dutch companies and Mexican managers the opportunity to get to know each other and each other’s businesses. Participants will also learn how business is done in the Netherlands and Mexico.